Hi, I’m Dianne Miller, I am not a company, (although I am a bit flattered when people think I am). I made the Little Bunny books for my daughters when they were young. Little Bunny looked different back then and the books were much simpler.


first sketches of lb.jpg

Little Bunny filled our lives. I made Little Bunny stuffed toys, coloring sheets, games and even a Little Bunny clock, along with dozens of books.

Alice with little bunnies.jpg

When my oldest daughter worked as a preschool teacher for 7 years we put the books up on Amazon as eBooks and made a website with all the printables available for free. She was the one that helped me invent the 3 in 1 printable, to reduce printing costs for programs, and had the idea for the phonograms.


Little Bunny is loved around the world and we have thousands of visitors a week. There are no gimmicks, no strings, no bait and switch, no cookies or ads on the site. The printables and Read-Alouds are completely FREE, you NEVER have to buy a book!

Maybe one day a publishing house or children’s programming company will want to pick up the Little Bunny series, but until then I really am just a 61-year-old woman in her sun room sharing Little Bunny with the world. I hope you and your Little Bunnies enjoy!